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 Tesla Kuhn

"I will rise and go to Jesus,

"He’ll embrace me in His arms;

"In the arms of my dear Savior;

"Oh there are ten thousand charms."

 Tesla Kuhn

"Oh that I could repent!

"With all my idols part,

"And to Thy gracious eye present,

"A humble contrite heart."

"With soft’ning pity look,

"And melt my hardness down;

"Strike with Thy Love’s resistless stroke,

"And break this heart of stone."

 Tesla Kuhn

"So then to Thee, Thine own I leave,

"mould as Thou wilt Thy clay;

"But let me all thy stamp receive,

"Let me all Thy words obey.

"Serve Thee with single heart and eye,

"And to Thy glory live or die."

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