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User blogs

 Tesla Kuhn

"I will rise and go to Jesus,

"He’ll embrace me in His arms;

"In the arms of my dear Savior;

"Oh there are ten thousand charms."

 Tesla Kuhn Jul 15 '19
 Tesla Kuhn

"Oh that I could repent!

"With all my idols part,

"And to Thy gracious eye present,

"A humble contrite heart."

"With soft’ning pity look,

"And melt my hardness down;

"Strike with Thy Love’s resistless stroke,

"And break this heart of stone."

 Tesla Kuhn Jul 15 '19
 Tesla Kuhn

"So then to Thee, Thine own I leave,

"mould as Thou wilt Thy clay;

"But let me all thy stamp receive,

"Let me all Thy words obey.

"Serve Thee with single heart and eye,

"And to Thy glory live or die."

 Tesla Kuhn Jul 15 '19

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