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Past events

Thank God it's Templemore City
Beginning 6pm SLT there is to be a live, music event at Templemore City in Second Life. Three, real ...
 Tesla Kuhn Feb 15 '19, 20:00
Valentine's Day Party
Set to begin 4pm Second Life time, a new ballroom is being procured to host the event. Bring you...
 Tesla Kuhn Feb 13 '19, 18:00
Grand Opening of Weland.GQ
If you're awake 12:30AM SL time (USA Pacific) I will be hosting an event at my business location on ...
 Tesla Kuhn Jan 6 '19
Lutz City Hump Day Extravaganza
It's a boring, Wednesday afternoon/evening, need to experience something fun and different, and tire...
 Tesla Kuhn Dec 19 '18, 16:00
MIMI Carpenter Live
Live music event at the Obscura Harmonium in Second Life. You will know pain, and it will bring you ...
 Tesla Kuhn Dec 16 '18, 20:00
Lutz City Grand Stand Opera House
Beginning 6PM SLT (USA Pacific Time) enjoy live music from three of Second Life's real performers. N...
 Tesla Kuhn Dec 12 '18, 20:00
CANCELLED - MIMI Carpenter Live
4PM SL (USA Pacific) time, at the JSP Lounge. Live performance of infamous and terrifying Mimi C...
 Tesla Kuhn Dec 9 '18, 18:00